Black Kiss

Mardi 21 juin 2016 – Salle Case à Vent – 12h30

Ciné Midi : Compétition documentaire :
Black Kiss
– Guadeloupe – 34 min – Mariette MONPIERRE

Bruno, jeune marin-pêcheur se bat pour continuer de vivre sa passion en Guadeloupe, malgré les sargasses, le chlordécone, les doutes de son épouse et la seule perspective que l’état semble lui offrir : la reconversion.

One thought on “Black Kiss

  1. · Tania, I so appreciate your transparency here, and I know that feeling. I can tell you with total certainty that you have good reason to hope, whether for this love or for another greater kind, because I can tell you with total certainty it ex#12s&i82st;and we are blessed to taste it in new mercies every morning, in the connection we feel with a friend, in answered prayers, in being known, in sharing life, in grace. Thank you for commenting!

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